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Employers can list a job 

on this website 

by emailing details to

Put the type of job (eg shop assistant, cleaner, waiter/waitress) in the subject line.

Give enough detail to get the right people to apply.  For example:
  • The job title
  • The name of the business or employer (trading name is fine)
  • Business contact details:  phone number, address, Facebook page
  • The general location 
  • Hours of work
  • What skill and experience are necessary.

Only give as much detail as you could show in a sign in your shop window:  not a several-pages long job description!.

Include a photograph - of your staff wanted sign, or your workplace.   If you don't provide a photo, a stock photo will be added to your listing.

Your business name / details must be provided.   Anonymous advertisements will be rejected.   We may publishing listings without the business name, provided the business name is given and we can it.

What type of jobs is this suitable?

This site is for the type of job which you would advertise in a shop window or similar.   If you want an engineer, project manager, accountant, rocket scientist, etc - please use a website which specialists in professional or managerial jobs.

It is for real jobs only:  no courses, commission sales, unpaid internships.  Nothing illegal!

And it is for jobs based in Galway city or county. 

Don't discriminate on age, race, nationality, etc ... or any of the categories which are not allowed in Ireland

How quickly are jobs posted

All listings are moderated. 

There will be a delay - up to 48 hours at time - between when you send your message and when it is posted onto the website / Facebook / Twitter.

The fine print

Staff-Wanted.Net reserves the right to decline any listings, or to vary these terms and conditions at its sole discretion.

All job-listing information is treated as publicly available:  in effect it is displayed on a very large "shop window".    Reasonable efforts will be made to ensure that submitted information is correct.  If you believe that your information has been maliciously or incorrectly submitted, please contact us at to have the situation resolved. is acting only as a information exchange, and does not guarantee the suitability of any job-applicant sourced through this website, or the safety or legality of any job-vacancy that is advertised.