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About shares jobs which have been advertised in shop-windows.

Jobs are listed on the day and time when they are seen.  This doesn't mean there is still a job available now:  the sign may have been on display for a month, or it may have been taken down 10 minutes after it was seen.

Our only rule is  "No Messing" - for employers or workers.
  • Only jobs which are, or could be, advertised by hanging a sign outside the workplace:  This is not a replacement for career websites, and doesn't consolidate vacancies listed elsewhere.
  • Genuine, legal, paid-work vacancies only
  • No commission selling
  • No unpaid work-experience programmes,
If you see a listing which doesn't meet these rules, please leave a message in the Comments box near the bottom of the page.

Information displayed on "staff wanted" signs is assumed to be publicly available, since the employer has chosen to put it on display.