Mar 29, 2022

Shop assistant

Staff are wanted for sales assistant and delivery assistant positions in Next fashion-store.  Their only Galway city store is now in Knocknacarra, in the Gateway Retail Centre, next to B&Q.

These are minimum wage jobs:  the website quotes the pay-rate as between €7.35 and €10.50 per hour.   However they are offering fixed hours, so you don't have to be "fully flexible" - and there are benefits including 25% staff discount, first pick of sale stock, uniform allowance, and the ability to pick up, offer and exchange shifts by phone (presumably they have an app) and "online employee perks".

Apply on their website:  the sign says it's - however that website by itself doesn't seem to work.  You may do better going in to Next Careers - or by going to, scrolling to the bottom of the page and clicking the Careers @ Next link.

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