Oct 13, 2019

Mobile phone / laptop technician

A mobile phone / laptop technician is wanted at the WeFix store in Upper Abbeygate Street - across the road from Candyland vintage sweets store.

Ideally they want:
  • One or more years experience repairing phones and laptops, 
  • Ability to do basic repairs (screen, charging port, battery replacement)
  • Ability to do advanced repairs and diagnostics (micro-soldering, schematics, motherboard repairs, etc)
  • Ability to recognise and resolve software issues.

Salary is negotiable based on experience - starting at €13 per hour. 

Working hours are flexible (but it is a shop - that probably means you need to be flexbile to accommodate the shop hours).

Apply by emailing your CV to wefixgalway@gmail.com, or apply in the shop at Unit 3, 31 Abbeygate St.

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